One of the most relevant marketing tools to directly promote your Brand and enable you to position it within geo localized markets is to promote it and organize events to do so. Furthermore often a precise  series of «live» activities on the territory can, if well orchestrated and integrated within a general marketing and communication strategy, bring astonishing results.

Evidently also this type of service should be detailed and optimized  according to the specific needs of your company  following the in depth analysis that our experts will be able to do subsequent to your check-up results.

Business Conference:

Including Business Meeting  big medium and smalls / we provide full Set up / Venue/ Catering / Staff / Transportation / Video Audio System We suggest Business Meetings and Conference for any brand, even for presentations of a new product or brand inside the company  to build the confident  of every member of the Corporate. 

On Promise:

Opening parties, Awards parties, Restaurant tasting /  Bar Tasting and Sampling and give away POP products, On promise events help to promote new brands or revive the image of and old brand, usually you do them in restaurants or bars for spirits, also is consider a good strategy  for food. On Promise  events shall cover all the accounts already open and shall be consider to be more often in the new accounts to help sell the product.

Off Promise:

Tasting and sampling in Liquor Stores and Super Market, usually related with places where the products is available for the public to purchase it, some times are dry sampling where people just keep a give away POP Product, or is a wet sampling where people try the product if is a spirit or food. Also you can do Off promise for other products other than food and spirits, it will help to build the strength and presence of the product in the store. 

Sponsorship Opportunity:

Is most common for big Brands, we select Big Events in the city, and propose the company  to be part as Sponsor, for example  concerts or conventions, where the brand will be present in the full venue and will have a booth to give away brochures and POP Products. 

Trunk Sales:

Need business promoting new lines with low prices for first buyers is a strong Strategy used more for designers and for the fashion world.

PR Services:

Including mailing list, press release and social media administration.