Digital Analysis

Online business has to rest on a solid foundation and can not count on un-accurate market and competitor analysis: No results would arrive without a proper strategy, it is a truth that we verify every day in our internal projects, and in those that we follow for our clients.

Google, Facebook and e-mail marketing channels are just promotion, simple tools. However, they must be put into action with the correct project characterized by a custom approach that contains solid planning and precise objectives.
Behind every site or an e-commerce marketplace that does not give the desired results, there is almost always a failure to assess the market and use wrong of a marketing tool caused by lack of knowledge and also to the absence of a initial strategy.

At Doctor Marketing, before we worry about the operations, we study the area where the customer moves, analyzing competitors and the market to define a real “study of feasibility “and establish an effective strategy to approach the web in a conscious way.
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